How to choose your HamacaMaya hammock:

Cotton: Great comfort, no pressure point, store after usage. #9 or #24 yarn.

Nylon: Firm support, resist mildew, do not over expose to sunrays, thin #9 cord only

Polyester: Medium support, resit mildew, do not over expose to sunrays, thick cord only

Fibre: #9 yarn is the most comfortable and #24 is the strongest.

 Amount of
spools used
 DescriptionWeight Support Ideal for:
 900 gr
 200 kg
 1 person, nap, relaxation
 5LARGE / Matrimonial
 250 kg
 2 persons, nap or relaxation
1 person sleeping
 6EXTRA-LARGE / Family
300 kg
 2 persons and more, relaxation
2 persons sleeping
 350 kg
 2 persons and more, relaxation, sleeping

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