Nylon hammocks offer a different feeling than the cotton ones. This fiber is very resistant to moisture so these hammocks are good for outdoors in wet and humid locations.

It is better not to leave it overexposed to sun rays because all materials will slowly weaken from the sun's ultraviolet radiation over time. Nylon also stretches less than cotton so if you like a firm feeling hammock this is the way to go. 

Because of the material used the new COBA hammock is almost as comfortable as a cotton one.

This MEDIUM model have been designed for situation where you do not have the required 3,5 to 4 meters to hang a regular Mayan hammock. The CORTO (short) use four (4) (tubos) of nylon yarn but both suspension arms are 50cm shorter. The shorter ends make it a little less spacious than the regular single but makes it possible to use a hammock where you otherwise might not.

The CORTO is offered in 4 solid colours.

The LARGE hammock is weaved using 5 spools of nylon yarn and is large enough to lie diagonally. It  weighs 1,4kg and can support 300kg. Because there is more material in a nylon spool this #5 is as big as a #6 cotton hammck.

This first quality large hammock is offered in many colour combinations.

The COBA hammock use a  weaved polyester net. It stretches enough to be very comfortable and resist humidity. Two sizes are available. Perfect for commercial use or for kids.

The MEDIUM is  1,5m X 2,4m, weighs 1,25kg and can hold 150kg.

The LARGE is huge at 1,8m X 2,4m. It weighs 1,75kg and hold 150kg.